Data from: Comprehensive ultrahigh resolution whole brain in vivo MRI dataset as a human phantom


Here, we present an extension to our previously published structural ultrahigh resolution T1- weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) dataset with an isotropic resolution of 250 µm, consisting of multiple additional ultrahigh resolution contrasts. Included are up to 150 µm Time-of-Flight angiography, an updated 250 µm structural T1-weighted reconstruction, 330 µm quantitative susceptibility mapping, up to 450 µm structural T2-weighted imaging, 700 µm T1-weighted back-to-back scans, 800 µm diffusion tensor imaging, one hour continuous resting-state functional MRI with an isotropic spatial resolution of 1.8 mm as well as more than 120 other structural T1-weighted volumes together with multiple corresponding proton density weighted acquisitions collected over ten years. All data are from the same participant and were acquired on the same 7 T scanner.

The repository contains the unprocessed data as well as (pre-)processing results. The data were acquired in multiple studies with individual goals. This is a unique and comprehensive collection comprising a “human phantom” dataset. Therefore, we compiled, processed, and structured the data, making them publicly available for further investigation.


Erhebungsmethoden und -Instrumente: Magnetresonanztomographie (7T Classic, Siemens Healthineers, Erlangen, Germany)


Ultrahigh resolution, MRI, 7T